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Leaked Reliance Jio 4G-VoLTE feature phone priced at Rs. 1500

We Already know that Reliance jio has offers Volte Supported network, for this ultra low cost and free Voice plans, Now Reliance jio is planning to release 4G-Enabled VoLTE Mobiles at low cost worth 1500 rs. According to twitter user Rajath Kumar twit some one has leaked Jio feature phone in social media

The above image leaked that shows a normal candy bar mobile phone with a display and keypad. There are dedicated keys allotted for JioTV, MyJio, Jio Music, and Jio Cinema. A few other reports surfacing online claim that the new Reliance Jio 4G-VoLTE feature phone would use Spreadtrum chipsets. the phone also has front camera, However, the leaked image does not confirm the presence of cameras.

Telecom to create around 2 Millon jobs this year

NEW DELHI: The telecom sector is expected to create two million jobs this year, thanks to increased data penetration and entry of new service providers, says a report.

The entry of new service providers, the government's initiatives like 'Make in India' and thrust on mobile economy will also add to the buoyancy in the sector, it said.

"While the overall hiring will see a boost, the verticals that will drive the manpower requirement are handset makers (1.76 million) followed by the service providers (0.37 million)," said the report compiled by TeamLease along with Telecom Sector Skill Council.

With 5G technology, it added, the infrastructure sector will catch up and add a plethora of opportunities in the long run.

"Infrastructure will add 0.92 million jobs by 2020-21 and the overall labour requirement for the sector by 2021 will be over 8.7 million," it added.

"While the increased focus on affordability, reduction of the prices of handset, operator's…

VIdeocon is Going to Shutdown services in Punjab

New Delhi: Videocon Telecom, among the smallest telcos in India, will shut down operations in the Punjab circle from February 15, bringing to an end its mobile services in the country. The company has asked its 3 million customers to switch to other operators to ensure continuity of services.

Prepaid customers should exhaust their balance and subscribers being billed monthly should clear their dues before moving to other carriers, the company, operating as Quadrant Televentures Ltd., said in a notice on its website on Tuesday.

“Quadrant Televentures would be discontinuing mobile services with effect from midnight of February 15, 2017, in Punjab service area (entire state of Punjab including Chandigarh UT and Panchkula),” the unit of the diversified Videocon group said in the notice.

Telecom ATC, Bharti Infratel look to invest in fibre networks, small cells

Telecom ATC, Bharti Infratel look to invest in fibre networks, small cells

KOLKATA: Telecom tower companies such as ATC and Bharti Infratel are exploring investments in fibre optic networks and small cells to create additional revenue opportunities as their primary rental revenue from mobile operators slows.

Analysts and industry experts estimate that tower companies will need to spend $10 billion, or about Rs 68,000 crore, on fiberising networks and small cells over the next five years to get into new businesses in an increasingly data-centric arena.

Small cells are short-range mobile base stations to complement large macro-cell towers.

American Tower Corp (ATC), which has invested in fibre networks in Mexico, is looking to bring those learnings to India, its Asia president Amit Sharma has said. “Towercos will have to invest in new growth areas amid exponential data growth and spectral scarcity, and ATC is currently testing fibre and small cells opportunities in India,” he told ET.


LTE Advanced E-UTRAN R10/R11

LTE Advanced E-UTRAN R10/R11

E-UTRAN R10 / LTE-Advanced Delta course focuses on differences between E-UTRAN R8/R9 and E-UTRAN R10 also known as LTE-Advanced. The training covers a functional description of all major R10 enhancements together with the required signalling protocols modifications. 

Click here to Read PDF

World’s first 5G NR radio in Telecom

World’s first 5G NR radio in Telecom
By 2021, we forecast that 7.7 billion mobile broadband subscriptions and 1.5 billion cellular IoT devices will depend on mobile networks worldwide. Leading operators - who want to be frontrunners in the networked society - are already planning their 5G networks to meet these needs.
In order to support growing demand from both people and things and the ever increasing traffic volumes, mobile operators are continuously striving to improve the capacity, quality and functionality that their networks. The road to next generation mobile networks, 5G, means operators want to continue to invest in the LTE technology that will be foundational to their 5G networks and business.

5G will encompass an evolution of today's 4G networks and the addition of a new, globally standardized radio access technology known as NR, which stands for New Radio.

First 5G NR radio, featuring massive MIMO and MU-MIMO
We are now introducing the industry’s first 5G NR-capable rad…

3G Optimization Engineer position available in Dubai UAE.

3G Optimization Engineer position available in Dubai UAE.

Following are the requirements for ideal candidate

1) 4-5 years 3G Huawei Optimization Experience (Must)

2) 2-3 Year 3G Nokia Optimization Experience

3) Proven expertise of Network level optimization

4) Strong knowledge of features, parameters, counters etc 5) Fully familiar with Huawei Drive Test and other Analysis tools Salary 5500-6000 USD
Email Address jobs.telec@gmail.comz

Android Mobile Applications for Telecom users

1. Android Mobile Application for Telecom users
Dear all, Please find below andriod application which is usefull for tecommunicatrion enggineers, such as BSS, NSS, Core , MS, Data-com, RF Engineers, transmission etc., 
1. Network Cell Info Lite
Network Cell Info provides cell locations in the map and separate network signal strength gauges for the serving (registered) cell and the neighbor cell. It covers all cellular networks including LTE, HSPA+, HSPA, WCDMA, EDGE, GSM, CDMA, EVDO. Download [Network Cell Info Lite]

2. GPS Essentials
The most complete GPS app available on internet is GPS Essentials. It facilitate you to Navigate, manage waypoints, tracks, routes, and build your own dashboard.Below we have discussed every function of this useful android app in details.
Shows navigation values such as: Accuracy, Altitude, Speed, Battery, Bearing, Climb, Course, Date, Declination, Distance, ETA, Latitude, Longitude, Max Speed, Min Speed, Actual Speed, True Speed, Sunrise, Sunset, Mo…

Required RF DT Drive Test Engineer for Dubai

Required RF DT Drive Test Engineer for Dubai

Location  : Dubai (UAE)

Experience  : 1-3years

Apply by sending CV to hr of company

Comoany : Du Telecom 

 Previous drive testing/site verification/shakedowns/handoff testing experience preferred.
• This position involves being in vehicle for up to 10 hours a day or longer in some situations.
• Looking for quick learners, dependable individuals. 
• Must have a clean driving record. 
• Must be reliable and able to work long hours as required. 
• MapInfo experience required.
• Background check and drug screen required.

- Looking for quick learners, dependable individuals. 
- Must have a clean driving record. 
- Background check and drug screen required. 

Calculation Erlang B Table:

Erlang B Calculation Erlang B Table:
The Erlang B is used to work out how many lines are required from a knowledge of the traffic figure during the busiest hour. The Erlang B figure assumes that any blocked calls are cleared immediately. This is the most commonly used figure to be used in any telecommunications capacity calculations.
Number of Channel:  (Ch)Blocking Rate:  (%)   ➠
Available Channel:Blocking Rate (QoS):ErlangB Traffic = Generate Erlang B Table:
Input Max Channel Number:     Input Blocking Rate(%):  #Numbr of Channel(#)Blocking Rate(%)Traffic (Erlang)1ChQoSTraffic
Download ErlangB Formula Excel Add-In :
Excel Add-In for ErlangB Table formula. Best practice for RF Planning Engineer to calculate the traffic capacity. Download Excel Add-Ins Erlang-B

eUTRAN Parameters Description and Planning

eUTRAN Parameters Description and Planning
Basic Cell Parameter: ECGI Planning 
ECGI = PLMN + Cell Identity PLMN = MCC + MNC Cell Identity = eNodeB ID + Cell ID Parameter Description ECGI : It indicates the E-UTRAN cell global identifier. MCC: It indicates the country code of the mobile subscriber. MNC: Its indicates the code of network used by the mobile subscriber. Cell Identity: It is of 28 bits. The former 20 bits indicate the eNodeB ID, and the latter 8 bits indicate the cell ID.
Basic Cell Parameter: ECGI Planning 
1. MCC: It is of 3 bits. Its value ranges from 0 to 999.

2. MNC: It is of 2 bits or 3 bits. Its value ranges from 0 to 999.

3. eNodeB ID: Its value ranges from 0 to 1048575. The eNodeB ID is unique to every eNodeB in the same PLMN. When you are planning the eNodeB ID, you need to take the network scale into account. Generally speaking, there is small-sized network, standard-sized network, large-sized network and shared network.
4. Cell ID: It is unique to every cell in the …