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Sunday, 17 September 2017

Bluetooth 5.0 and specification and application

Bluetooth is one of the most popular wireless transmission in the world, the first Bluetooth version is started in 1990’s , were Bluetooth connects billions of devices. Here we are going to read. What is Bluetooth 5.0 and specification and application of Bluetooth 5.0
It is the latest version of Bluetooth has standard two ways capable of transmission and high bandwidth, range and efficiency. Compatible of low power and high efficiency data flow

there are two versions of Bluetooth for short transmission and continuous connectivity

Bluetooth Basic Data Rate / Enhanced Data Rate (BR/EDR)
This Bluetooth class is designed for basic and enhanced data rate operation for continuous connectivity. It will maintain a point to point, higher bandwidth two way connection for quality communication.
Bluetooth Low Energy (LE)
Low energy class is designed for point to point data transfer and broadcast short burst connection. It can be used to create a simple and complex mesh connections depends on requirements.
Specification of Bluetooth 5.0
Standard:             IEEE 802.15.1
Frequency:         2.4 GHz
Range:                  ~200 meters (maximum range at line of sight distance)
Power:                 100 m Watt (class 1)
Speed:                  50 mbps (maximum)
Advantages of Bluetooth 5.0 over previous version
·         2 times faster pairing time and less transmission delay
·         4 times range which is 40 meters indoors and approximately 200 meters line of sight distance
·         8 times data transfer rate and support dual audio mode to connect multiple device to the same source
·         Wireless coexistence with other technologies
Applications of Bluetooth 5.0
Bluetooth BR/ EDR
·         Wireless Keyboard, mouse and other peripherals
·         Wireless speakers and high quality audio systems
·         Car audio systems / hands free pairing with mobile devices
·         Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality devices
·         High Definition audio and video streaming

Bluetooth LE
·         Universally Unique Identifier (UUID) for transmitting beacons with 255 bytes enables connectionless beacon for advertising, parking lots, location beacons etc…
·         Sports and fitness tracking devices
·         Healthcare, medical and wellness devices
·         Office, industrial and building automation
·         Wireless sensors networks and mesh connections
·         Asset and inventory tracking systems
·         Internet of Things wireless sensors and solutions
·         5G applications
·         Home automation and security applications
Bluetooth 5.0 enabled devices
The first mobile device launched with Bluetooth 5.0 was Samsung Galaxy S8 few months ago. Apple has also included Bluetooth 5.0 in the recent release of iPhone8 and iPhone X.

BENGALURU: Allaying fears of telecom captains, including Reliance Communications Chairman Anil Ambani, IT and Telecom Secretary Aruna Sundararajan today said in the next seven years, more than 25 million jobs could be created in digital infrastructure space.

"If Internet of Things alone can create 10-15 million jobs, the digital infrastructure space will create more than 25 million jobs in next five to seven years, not only in telecom space, but in digital infrastructure space," she told on the sidelines of IoT India Congress here.

In an interview to a business daily in June, Ambani had said the telecom industryhad cut 10,000 jobs last year and the stress would further lead to reducing 30,000 to 40,000 jobs more this year.

Though the telecom sector is in consolidation and stabilisation phase, the Centre government believed in the huge potential of creating jobs, she said.

"Just look at the scenario - we are still importing 90 per cent of our equipment from abroad. We still need a million wifi hotspots. There are requirements in cloud-based telecom services and many startups are catering these services. So, as far as jobs are concerned, there is huge potential. Just we need to start skilling people in all these new areas," she said.

Updating skills in the midst of new emerging technologies was the most important anti-dote for tackling joblessness, she said.

"When we say technology is disruptive, what do we mean? Some technologies and conventional jobs will disappear, but new technologies will appear. So, we have to keep ourselves updated on technological front," she said.

Asked whether spectrum auction will happen by this year, Sundararajan said it all depended on TRAI recommendations.

"TRAI has started their consultations. Let us see what emerges from there. Sometimes, they complete the consultations pretty fast. We have seen it happening in two months also. It all depends upon what feedback the industry gets," she said.

Replying to a query, Sundararajan said foreign players like Google and Facebook were already looking at investing in tower infrastructure and cloud-based services.

"There are foreign players, such as like Google. They are interested in wifi hotspots. Facebook wants to come up with new technologies," she said.

Saturday, 16 September 2017

What is SIM Card ?

Its a Metal, covers with piece of plastic, we use to insert in mobile phone is know as Subscriber's Identity Module SIM was identified by two numbers that is Integrated circuit card  Identifier ( ICC-ID) and International Mobile Subscriber Identity number

The Sim card contains along with text messages, phone contacts, and call history with date and time. This information cannot stolen by mobile operater it is always confidential to user

Security Systems on the SIM

First, the SIM card carries an authentication protocol in the form of algorithms and keys so that no unauthorized user can access your information remotely. Second, a cryptographic language guarantees your privacy by encrypting your data, decoding it when appropriate, and confirming when the information reaches its destination. Third, the SIM card carries a fraud protocol that prevents alteration of data or receiving services that have not been paid for.

The network will protect our sim card with a PUK code

It has maintained 1 mm thickness.

Specification of SIM Car

Components of Sim Card

Components used in SIM Card

1. 2 optional Pads for USB
2. Clock
3. Reset
4. VCC (Power Spply
5. GND
6. Vpp
7. I/O

SIM Card pins
Sim Cards Pins

Sim Card pins

and also we can describe sim card in PINs threre are 8 pins in SIM card.
  1. VCC (power supply)
  2. RST ( Rest)
  3. CLK (Clock)
  4. D + (USB Inter-chip)
  5. GND (ground)
  6. VPP (Voltage programming power)
  7. D- (USB inter-chip)
More information from users what they feel in real life.
Fake cell towers are becoming common. Hackers use the IMSI and MSIN to do reverse lookup. They obtain subscribers name and address through publically available databaases and caller ID lookup tables. Then find lookup addresses and other information. Then, the next time the user connects to the fake tower a fake call is initiated and they pretend to be someone important and provide you with the information they gleaned thus attempting to gain your trust. They ask for more information to steal identity.

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Immediate Hiring of - NPO Engineer / NPO Manager

Good news to all Freshers and Experienced Engineers, as reference with Metrotelework in India hring NPO Engineer and NPO Manager for PAN India. Mostly location in Cities

Company : Metro Teleworks 
Location : PAN India mostly in Cities
Experience : 1-6 years
Salary : depends on Experience 

Job Description

    1. Should have the knowledge of drive test & tools like TEMS or NEMO,
    2. Knowledge in Map info is a must
    3. Optimization & Trouble shooting of network is required
    4. Should have knowledge in all Wireless KPIs details in JD

Desired Candidate Profile

    *Excellent communication, interpersonal skills & Hardworking
    *Good working knowledge
    *Goal achievers & positive thinking.
    *Immediate joiners freshers and experience holder both are

Recruiter Name:Abhinav
Contact Company:Metro Career Solutions Pvt Ltd
Email Address:
Reference Id:Freshers Interested candidates can send their resume also.

Aircel is Hiring Engineer/Senior engineer Transmission NOC- TX Monitoring

Transmission NOC Job in Aircel, Gurgon.

Role : Switching and Router Engineer

Key Skills.
Candidate should have knowledge in SDH, DWDM, Transmission, Provisioning Fault Managment, ECI, Fibcon and Tejas.

Company: Aircel ltd.
Experience : 2-3years
Location: Gurgon
Expected Salary : 1.75lakh – 2.75lakh

Job Description :

1.To Monitor Pan India Transmission network devices and links
2.Co-ordination with 3rd party teams and field ops for making the link restored and managing with NW uptime report generation

3.Need minimum 2 Years relevant experience 

Apply Here:

Recuiter Name : Neha Kalia
email id :

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Hi Freinds Today we are here with new Topic to Learners in Telecom Field, hope this site is very useful to all beginner and Middle level group of telecommutes. Below we are posted about Excel tricks.

Excel is Very useful in Telecom because all the Dump from the network will .xml, .csv and xml files, through this we have to make report daily and hourly basis with the help of excel in telecoms life. hope it is very useful. please share with your colleges

To find us in Google search Telecom Hub go through the First result

Excel Tip and Tricks

Excel Tip and Tricks

Excel Tip and Tricks

Excel Tip and Tricks

Excel Tip and Tricks

Excel Tip and Tricks 6

Excel Tip and Tricks 7

Excel Tip and Tricks 8

Excel Tip and Tricks 10

Excel Tip and Tricks 11

Excel Tip and Tricks

MS-Excel Tip and Tricks

Ms Excel Tip and Tricks

MS Excel Tip and Tricks

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Detailed explanation of this structure:

The fourth generation networks of to are from a group of elements divided into two parts of the a, (or short), and it is responsible for the operations of the operations that are connected to radio like, demodulation, scheduling and others. New in the fourth generation that enb (previously named BTS and later her name node b) they are tied to each other directly compared to previous networks there was a device named CLT OR RNC (according to the generation) to link bts and perform some operations
The second part is core and this is bitcoin from a group of devices for each one of them a group of jobs
serving gateway S-GW 
  • Packet Gateway P-GW
  • Mobile Management Entity MME 
  • Police and charging rule function PCRF
  • Home subscriber server HSS

Posts components of the fourth generation networks LTE:

1. MME: it is responsible for signaling in the network and by which it will create or cancel the connections between the network and the user organs. It also identified the area in which the organs of the participants and their her area were located. He is responsible for the process of different networks. And if the mobile device will accept a call, he will be responsible for sending a message named paging to the mall so he knows that there is a phone call that she will accept. And also the part of making sure that the mobile device is responsible and called authentication.

2. Serving Gateway-SGW: this device reaches traffic for enodeb stations and in turn by selling traffic to mobile devices.

3. Packet Gateway - PGW: it is the device that reaches core in other networks like internet or other mobile networks. And also he will be responsible for giving ips to mobile devices. And make traffic to traffic from and to the network (routing). And possible can do traffic to passes on it.

4. PCRF - Policy and Charging Rule: it is responsible for determining and ensuring the quality of service for traffic and also determining how participants account.

5.HSS -Home Subscriber Server: the database of the data storage of subscribers in the network.

  • 5G platform now includes first FDD radio from Ericsson capable of supporting 5G and Massive Multiple Input Multiple Output (Massive MIMO)
  • New radio to bridge 4G to 5G and enable 5G using today’s spectrum
  • Introducing network services that ease operators’ journey to 5G from preparation to actual 5G launch

Ericsson (NASDAQ: ERIC) introduces a new radio product, AIR 3246, for Massive Multiple Input Multiple Output (Massive MIMO), which is a complement to Ericsson’s global 5G radio offering. AIR 3246 supports both 4G/LTE and 5G NR (New Radio) technologies and is Ericsson’s first 5G NR radio for frequency division duplex (FDD). This launch will enable operators – especially in metropolitan areas – to bring 5G to subscribers using today’s mid-band spectrum and boost capacity in their LTE networks.
Ericsson’s 5G Platform includes three previously launched time division duplex (TDD) radios capable of supporting 5G and Massive MIMO, as well as core, transport, digital support and security elements. The company has the most complete 5G portfolio in the industry, serving the needs of the first movers in 5G.
Fredrik Jejdling, Head of Business Area Networks at Ericsson, says: “We now expand the 5G platform that we introduced last February. The new radio will enable operators to enhance 4G capacity for their subscribers today and be ready for 5G tomorrow, using the same hardware. We also complement the products with a set of network services, simplifying the journey to 5G for our customers.”                      

Bridging from 4G to 5G

People are watching, sharing and streaming video and music more than ever. As such, the demands on a sufficient speed are ever increasing. Ericsson analyzed 4G network performance statistics from metropolitan areas around the world, and found that the probability of a smart device suffering from insufficient speed can be as high as 20 percent during peak hours. Massive MIMO is a key technology to bridge from 4G to 5G, adding intelligent capacity and boosting user experience.
Stefan Pongratz, Senior Director at the Dell’Oro Group, says: "Just as carrier aggregation has been key to adding needed capacity to mobile broadband networks, Massive MIMO has the potential to be the primary capacity enabler in the next upgrade phase, providing a smooth transition towards 5G. With an expected 2021 installed base of 10M LTE macro radios in high traffic and metro areas, service providers are expected to capitalize on the improved spectral efficiency made possible with Massive MIMO."
FDD Massive MIMO is part of a trial with T-Mobile US, on three sites in Baltimore, Maryland. This will be the first time that standardized Massive MIMO will be used to carry commercial LTE traffic using mid-band FDD spectrum.
Neville Ray, Chief Technology Officer for T-Mobile, says: “T-Mobile’s racing forward at breakneck pace with Ericsson’s next-gen tech that advances LTE today and paves the way for 5G tomorrow. While the carriers scramble to prop up networks caving under the weight of unlimited, the Un-carrier’s rolling out advanced technologies to massively increase network capacity and data throughput for customers. Translation – we’re making America’s best unlimited network even better!”
Massive MIMO on FDD can increase network capacity up to three times and bring up to five times better user throughput, boosting performance for the end users. Today’s global base is primarily on FDD technology and devices, which separates uplink and downlink streams on different radio frequencies.
Commercially available in the second quarter 2018, AIR 3246 will be part of Ericsson Radio System.

5G Services – preparation to launch

Complementing the 5G core transformation services introduced earlier this year, Ericsson is now launching a set of services helping operators on the road to 5G in three steps: Prepare, Mobilize and Launch. The services entail: Prepare for the first crucial stepsbased on learnings from Ericsson’s trials around the world; mobilize by setting up the technical and operational resources necessary for a successful 5G launch; and launch 5G services through complete and rapid network rollout and ensure smooth operations of the services. These new 5G services use Ericsson’s Engineered Intelligenceapproach, which builds on the best of human and machine capabilities and are supported by automation, machine learning and artificial intelligence tools.
Ericsson’s 5G platform comprises the 5G core, radio and transport portfolios, together with OSS, BSS, network services and security.

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Urgent Hiring Consultant RF/CME Engineer

Position: Consultant RF/CME Engineer

Work Location: Office based in TPM Bukit Jalil

Start Date: Asap

Contract: 1 month initial

- Preferably experienced with Operator or Telco Vendor
- Has knowledge or exposure in Site acquisition, Monitoring system, Health and safety, Field operations, Energy and related.
- Good command of English and technical write up
- Only Malaysians
Send your CV now at
OR contact us at 013 - 389 9204

Saturday, 2 September 2017

We are looking at Network specialists/ Engineers, who would be part of the Global Innovation Lab and be responsible for the design, integration, and deployment of network infrastructure solutions on cruise ships for one of the world’s leading Cruise Liners.
As part of the role, the Architect / Engineer will be responsible for developing requirements for local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs), virtual private networks (VPNs), routers, network devices, and implementation of applicable technology architectures using latest state of art equipment in Network Infrastructure domain.
The position will require extensive international travel (60 – 70% of the time) around the world to some exotic locations as part of infrastructure roll out for the world’s largest vacation and global cruise company.

Hiring for Network and wireless Network Engineers !!

Experience : 3- 5.5 Years 

Base Location : Gurgaon

Network Engineer

Mandatory Skills :

1. Proficient in Implementation and migration of a network.
2. Skills -OS Upgrade, EIRGP, QOS, BGPHigh avlbailty (HSR, VRRP), DMVPN, STP, VTP
3. Data center Technologies-Nexus,FEX,VPC, VDC, LACP.
4. Experience in Vstack, Autosmart pots, Macro creation and troubleshooting, cisco prime is requried.
5. Routing-ISR G2 and ASR 1000Series, Switching 3750, 3850 and 3560, Datacenter, Nexus5k, 7K & 2K. 

Certification: CCNA

Wireless Network Engineer

Mandatory Skills:

1.Generic wireless, Cisco router and switches.
2. Wi-Fi surveys and wi-fi staging of WLC and Aps freeports.
3. Wi-Fi Deployment with WLC Cisco.
4. Skill set has to include Cisco Prime for Configuration pushes.
5. Cisco wireless LAN Controller Products (LWAPP,CAPWAP,HREAP,FLEXCONNECT,802.1x,AES, PSK,TKIP).

Certification: CCNA/CCNA Wireless 

Relevant Candidates can share the profiles/ queries on my Email ID :

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